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Outside the 4 Walls is a ministry that is dedicated to encouraging and training believers to walk in the fullness of their inheritance as children of God in their daily lives.

A key focus of the ministry is to teach believers to walk in the supernatural power of God in constant communion and reliance on the Holy Spirit.

In addition, we are a healing ministry with a vision of seeing all believers walking in perfect health and healing the sick everywhere.

Tony Myers

Outside the 4 Walls ministry was founded by Tony Myers after been healed from terminal ALS while on the brink of been placed in hospice care.
Prior to his healing, Tony had been an atheist with no knowledge of scripture and a hatred for christianity. After his healing, Tony set out on a quest seeking to learn how he had been healed and how he could help others receive their healing. 
In addition, filled with the knowledge the love of Jesus for all people, Tony started ministering to the sick the very day he was healed and was seeing people healed one week after he himself was healed out of a wheel chair!
Tony shares his story of grueling sickness and miraculous healing in his book "The Lord Jesus Healed Me: The journey of an Atheist to Truth". You can also watch a condensed version of his testimony in an interview with CBN here.
Tony is also the author of five books, all of which are intended to help readers realize their identity as sons of God and walk as such in every day life. The books are all available on amazon in both kindle and paperback version:
  • The Lord Jesus Healed Me: The journey of an Atheist to Truth
  • Unlocking the Mystery of Divine Healing
  • Divine Healing DIY: Yes, You Can!
  • Knocking Food Off Its Pedestal: Eating Your Way To Divine Healing and Supernatural Health
  • Pushing the Boundaries In Christ: Living Supernaturally

Newest Book by Tony

From where does human knowledge originate? What are the keys to living a supernatural life?
Pushing the Boundaries in Christ really starts with pushing the boundaries of what we think is possible. As children of a supernatural Heavenly Father, the seeming impossible is possible: physical healing, financial miracles, and operating in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
Included in this book is a workbook, to push the boundaries of your mind and renew your thoughts to what is available to a believer of Christ, who is living in God’s Kingdom on this physical earth.
This book will:
• Explain the relationship between the fallen angels and human knowledge
• Increase your understanding of how the Kingdom of God functions on the earthly plane
• Increase your intimacy with Holy Spirit
• Lead you into a more supernatural lifestyle

BOOK REVIEWS and Trailers

The Lord Jesus Healed Me

"Hope for the Sick and the Caretakers Who Love Them"

I appreciated Tony's sharing of his experiences of the hard times before the healing ever occurred. He writes with empathy for those who are hurting and for those who are the caretakers who are ALSO suffering. Seeing their loved one struggling with illness and the life changes it brings is hard to understand unless you've been there.   CONTINUED

Divine Healing DIY

"A must read on Divine Healing. This is an excellent book on healing. It follow's in the footsteps of "Unlocking The Mystery of Divine Healing". Tony is a sincere Christian whose heart is to get the message of healing to all of those who are sick. His books are written so that anyone can understand them. He cuts through false teachings and gives the true simple message of what Christ did for us on the Cross. Anyone who needs healing or wants to minister healing to others should read all of Tony's books. I highly recommend them." ~ Jamie Patton October 28, 2018

Knocking Food Off it's Pedestal 

"As in all his books, Tony really reveals the traps of legalism. Being a slave to a diet or thinking diet is the healer is not putting faith in what we should, the Lord Jesus who is our Healer. I also like that he does not condemn those for choosing a diet or to go ahead and have a gluttonous free for all, but puts it in a proper perceptive. Both believers and unbelievers have been so indoctrinated by the media concerning these things. Choosing what to eat is personal responsibility as is our growth in the Lord, a personal responsibility." ~ LD83  Verified Amazon Purchase

Unlocking the Mystery of Divine Healing 

"This deserves a 10-star rating!! So glad to have found this book, or rather this book found me. THANK YOU Tony Myers for walking, and THANK YOU Jesus for healing. I do not know this author, but believe he has compiled a real treasure that will help many people receive their healing. It is rather ironic that a former atheist has more insight into the simplicity and power of Jesus than many Christians. I have just ordered add'l copies for gifts and will be keeping this one forever. Thank you Tony for saying it so simply. And thank you to a reviewer (L. Suzek) who stated it was "beyond Hagin, Wommack, Curry Blake, etc." which lit a spark of curiosity that nagged at me until I ordered it - so thankful." ~  Verified Amazon Purchaser

Pushing the Boundaries in Christ.

Living Supernaturally

"This book is fantastic! It has pushed the boundaries in my thinking and helped me to grow in confidence and joy and peace but also excitement as I consider what is possible. Living a supernatural lifestyle should be our norm as believers and this teaching will help you grow in that.
Tony has a wonderful way of explaining things so that they are easily understood. His inclusion of a workbook is a welcome addition.." ~  Sally, Verified Amazon Purchaser


Personal Endorsements

April Babb,

People Ablaze Ministries

Author, "Seated in the Clouds, Ruling on the Earth"

"Tony Myers is someone who desires the freedom of Christ to become a part of every Believer’s walk.  If for this reason alone, I would be delighted to speak highly of Tony in any setting.  But his attributes do not stop there.  He has lived this thing out.  Tony understands what it is like to not understand or even believe God; therefore, he has a great capacity to minister across the spectrum of people.  His own healing and discovery of God’s unmerited grace and love provide such a credibility that sometimes is lacking in our church world.  


His book, The Lord Jesus Healed Me, tells an amazing testimony of God’s goodness for US ALL!  I highly suggest getting and reading this book over and over.  Paul and I are so grateful that God has had us cross paths with this fiery one in Tony Myers.  Our lives have been enriched as well as our faith by knowing him"

Bill Chapman

Pastor, House of God Worship Center

Pastoring for over 40 years we have seen miracles of all types through out my ministry; from salvation to cancer being healed.  We have worked with the homeless and have seen deliverances from the bondage of sin.


One Sunday morning, I saw in the congregation a blue haired man. I had heard about Tony’s testimony,  one of my members had met him and told me about him and his books.  She had been inviting him to visit us.  When I looked out and saw him, we were happy to have him with us and share his testimony with the church.  I walked up and introduced myself before service began, immediately following service Tony and I talked and he shared his books with me.


I read Tony’s books and enjoyed his honesty and straight forwardness that he provides in his writing.  Most of all what a testimony of God’s healing power. He is not afraid to tackle the issue he is writing about head on and provide information to provoke thought and change in the reader as well as himself.  


Tony writes from a place of experience and provides a view from someone who has walked this path.  Not only does Tony write from experience, but also he provides scriptural reference and what better reference to have than the Word of God!


In this book Tony addresses food and its connection to our health. Tony takes us on a journey with an open mind and heart to view food and health and the roles each play in our life.  We are reminded that we first are spiritual beings living in a physical world and the Holy Spirit is well able to sustain us.


Let Tony take you on this journey to evaluate what position food has in our life.


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Events with Tony


Wonderful opportunity! 
For all who have read The Lord Jesus Healed Me and wondered "why don't they make that book into a movie?"  It's happening! The plans are in the works for Tony's first book, "The Lord Jesus Healed Me" to be made into a movie. 
This is a great opportunity for anyone that would like to donate specifically to this project. Many thousands of people would be impacted with the message of Tony's miraculous healing from ALS and learn that this miracle is for them as well. 
We welcome you to partner with us in this undertaking and we believe God that fruit will increase to your account. Please mark all donations "For the Movie" when you give via PayPal



My desire is to help the pastors and leaders in the Body of Christ to equip the saints.  The numbers of those walking with the power of the Holy Spirit are increasing and the need for training is increasing as well!  Few people have the perspective that I do in regard to walking in miracles and specifically healing! 

I would love to team up with you and get the Body of Christ walking more effectively in healing and deliverance.  I am available for Wednesday services, weekend services, healing events in any building or atmosphere!  My goals are to encourage, create expectation (HOPE) and to increase everyone's effectiveness in ministering to themselves and others! 

Let's do our part to spread God's Glory throughout the entire world.  Since these are my goals; my requirements are quite reasonable!  Please fill out the contact form below and let's discuss how I can help you and those in your care!! 

I am available for meetings and book-signing events. 

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Thanks you for partnering with us in helping reach more people with the truth that sets them free from sickness and every oppression.
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