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Tony Myers story on CBN 700 Club

"Healing the Incurable"

The story of an atheist who was miraculously healed.

...For two years, Tony kept getting worse.

“I'd get weak. Just all the sudden, get weak. My legs, my arms, just out of the blue.”

Still, he refused to see a doctor.  It wasn’t until a near-fatal accident with a co-worker in March 2009, that Tony decided he needed help. 

But on July 4th, 2012, Tony was thinking about something very different.  It was an article about Jesus’ crucifixion. “I saw Jesus at the whipping post, being scourged, and just seeing chunks of flesh being ripped off. And in His eyes, there was a deep – a-a truly deep love that was unending. Jesus – suffered far worse than I did, and how much He had to have loved me then.