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My desire is to help the pastors and leaders in the Body of Christ to equip the saints.  The numbers of those walking with the power of the Holy Spirit are increasing and the need for training is increasing as well!  Few people have the perspective that I do in regard to walking in miracles and specifically healing! 

I would love to team up with you and get the Body of Christ walking more effectively in healing and deliverance.  I am available for Wednesday services, weekend services, healing events in any building or atmosphere!  My goals are to encourage, create expectation (HOPE) and to increase everyone's effectiveness in ministering to themselves and others! 

Let's do our part to spread God's Glory throughout the entire world.  Since these are my goals; my requirements are quite reasonable!  Please fill out the contact form below and let's discuss how I can help you and those in your care!! 

I am available for meetings and book-signing events. 

Connect with Tony

Thank you for getting in touch! Expect a response soon.

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