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Tony Myers started life off by finding alcohol and drugs.  Even with seeing Jesus as a young child, he felt Jesus had condemned him, because of his actions.  Then with the traumatic deaths of two friends in his childhood, Tony made the decision that God didn't exist.  He then chose a life of addictions, hate and just utter chaos.  By adulthood, he was persecuting Christians in any way, by any means he could.  When approached by Christians they received the brunt of his hate. 


Tony lived this way for forty-three years of his life until for the first time he saw the true Love of Christ reflected in a beautiful woman, Deb, who is now his wife.  It was during this time that disease came upon him, that was a sentence of certain death.  In the form of a neurological disorder at one time diagnosed as Lou Gherig's then it became an unknown neurological disease. 


Tony accepted Christ, into his heart; was baptized in a wheelchair, paralyzed and then dramatically healed.  In the present time, Tony preaches the True Gospel of The Father's Love, teaches about healing, ministers healing to others and activates them in all the Gifts of the Holy Spirit! 

Daughter and grandchildren

Tony was recently reunited with his daughter Cassy and her family. See pictures of his daughter, son-in-law and grandkids above and read the testimony of their reunion here

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