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The Lord Jesus Healed Me: The Journey of an Atheist to the Truth

What if a paralyzed and dying man suddenly stood up miraculously healed? Would it encourage and inspire you to believe for your own miracle? Are you on the brink of giving up, due to physical suffering? This book is for you!

Unlocking the Mystery 2nd Edition

After being healed from Lou Gehrig's disease, Tony Myers asked himself the question “How in the world did I get healed?” He then set out on a mission to learn how others could receive their healing just like he did while ministering to others and seeing them healed. After years of study and thousands of healings, this book was the result.


Are you sick and wishing you knew someone like Tony who could minister healing to you personally? What if you did not need anyone else to receive your miraculous healing? This book shows you just how to do that!

Knocking Food Off It's Pedestal

Does food control your health and make daily diet decisions full of fear or worry? We all struggle with food in one way or another. This book shows you how to free yourself from your food shackles and trust only in God for your health.

Pushing the Boundaries

searching what, or what manner of time, the Spirit of Christ who was in them was indicating when He testified beforehand the sufferings of Christ and the glories that would follow. 1 Pt 1:11 Could it be that the cross provided for more than just forgiveness of sins and healing? This book shows you from scriptures and real life examples that eternal life in Jesus is truly limitless!

Book Reviews and Trailers

The Lord Jesus Healed Me

"Hope for the sick and the caretakers who love them"

I appreciated Tony's sharing of his experiences of the hard times before his healing ever occurred. He writes with empathy for those who are hurting and for those who are the caretakers who are ALSO suffering. Seeing their loved one struggling with illness and the life changes it brings is hard to understand unless you've been there.   CONTINUED

Unlocking the Mystery of Divine Healing 

"This deserves a 10-star rating!! So glad to have found this book, or rather this book found me. THANK YOU Tony Myers for walking, and THANK YOU Jesus for healing. I do not know this author, but believe he has compiled a real treasure that will help many people receive their healing. It is rather ironic that a former atheist has more insight into the simplicity and power of Jesus than many Christians. I have just ordered add'l copies for gifts and will be keeping this one forever. Thank you Tony for saying it so simply. And thank you to a reviewer (L. Suzek) who stated it was "beyond Hagin, Wommack, Curry Blake, etc." which lit a spark of curiosity that nagged at me until I ordered it - so thankful." ~  Verified Amazon Purchaser

Divine Healing DIY

"A must read on Divine Healing. This is an excellent book on healing. It follow's in the footsteps of "Unlocking The Mystery of Divine Healing". Tony is a sincere Christian whose heart is to get the message of healing to all of those who are sick. His books are written so that anyone can understand them. He cuts through false teachings and gives the true simple message of what Christ did for us on the Cross. Anyone who needs healing or wants to minister healing to others should read all of Tony's books. I highly recommend them." ~ Jamie Patton October 28, 2018

Knocking Food Off it's Pedestal 

"As in all his books, Tony really reveals the traps of legalism. Being a slave to a diet or thinking diet is the healer is not putting faith in what we should, the Lord Jesus who is our Healer. I also like that he does not condemn those for choosing a diet or to go ahead and have a gluttonous free for all, but puts it in a proper perceptive. Both believers and unbelievers have been so indoctrinated by the media concerning these things. Choosing what to eat is personal responsibility as is our growth in the Lord, a personal responsibility." ~ LD83  Verified Amazon Purchase

Pushing the Boundaries in Christ:

Living Supernaturally

"This book is fantastic! It has pushed the boundaries in my thinking and helped me to grow in confidence and joy and peace but also excitement as I consider what is possible. Living a supernatural lifestyle should be our norm as believers and this teaching will help you grow in that.
Tony has a wonderful way of explaining things so that they are easily understood. His inclusion of a workbook is a welcome addition.." ~  Sally, Verified Amazon Purchaser

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