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Healing Testimonies

We hope you enjoy these healing testimonies.

 * All testimonies are purposely posted without names for the privacy of these people.

Serious Health Issues

We have your other books but this one is just what we needed. My husband, has had some serious health challenges. We made the decision to trust God with our health and not go to the doctor. Honestly I was having fear and renewing my mind but when I read you book I am at peace. We want to thank you for writing this book. This book will be read and reread many times. It is a resource to go to. I am so glad that you exposed much "Christian " manipulation. Wow all I can really say is how thankful we are. We love you and bless you in Jesus name. 

Healed From Diabetes

I just read this book a few days after reading your first book. It was confirmation to what Jesus shared with me one day in prayer. He showed me His hands interlaced together and said to see healing and salvation as ONE! He reassured me that His salvation included the whole person including the body. He said I was as much healed as I was saved. And that I needed to "overcome" wrong thinking. Since that time I have been renewing my mind to these truths. Your book helped me immensely. I especially enjoyed you sharing the story about your glasses. My glasses broke last month and Jesus told me I didn't need to get a new pair. I was like OK, I guess I don't need them! Then a few weeks later I read your eye glass story. lol Then thing I really took away from this book is to NOTICE IMPROVEMENT! When I stopped and looked for improvement I came up with over 20 improvements in my health in the last 2 months. This greatly encouraged me. I began praising Jesus for my healing! And now I am healed of diabetes. My blood sugar went from 200 to 80-90! And all the symptoms are gone. Thank you JESUS!!!!! Thank you Tony for being a blessing to the Body of Christ. Bless you!

Today is going to be a good day!

I woke up and said, “Today I won't stress over my body and health, and the day went well. There were a few incidents of things that tried to get me to play doctor on myself, but I stopped myself and said no. I woke up in the middle of the night hearing my heart about to stop and I said no, and then it went to racing and I told it no again and went back to sleep. I recalled what you said that it will get easier and I woke up today declaring it again, “Today will be easier.” It is the most peace I have felt in 3 years! I am not going back Tony; I been reading The Lord Jesus Healed Me..its been helpful to see how much you have overcome.

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