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Book Reviews

The Lord Jesus Healed Me

"A MUST READ for anyone suffering a chronic illness."

The author is a down to earth fellow that you enjoy "listening" to. He spares no bones in the description of his treatment by the medical community, without embellishing or "ranting". I believe veterans will particularly enjoy this read since Tony is a vet and most of his treatment was via the famous V.A. I too was supernaturally healed by the power of God alone, long after the doctors and society had basically written me off. It was truly glorious! I believe it can happen to you or your loved one, as well. This book really gives HOPE that Jesus still heals; that the day of miracles is never over. Yes, lots of hope. 

Note: This book was SURPRISINGLY well written! This is especially appreciated in today's era of self-publishing. It flows well, holds your interest and of course, has a happy ending. The writer is a lovable fellow that you are really rooting for from start to finish. I TRULY enjoyed this. book. I would highly recommend getting this book for friends with chronic illness and pain. I would love an audio version by the author. When you're crippled in pain, it's not easy to sit up and read. I can imagine this working very well for those currently bedridden.

Multiple Books

Testimony: Tony, I have read all your books and am starting your new one tonight. I find them to be the most informative books on healing I have ever read. I have learned so much from you and I am in the process of renewing my mind. I really enjoyed your interpretation of scripture and I understand the bible way more now and see God the way I always knew in my heart he/she was. Also, your understanding of what Jesus meant and what he did is so incredible. This has set me free and changed my life. Please keep writing you are bringing God's love to so many people. Hugs, Margeaux.

The Lord Jesus Healed Me

The Lord Jesus Healed Me

 "Hope for the Sick and the Caretakers Who Love Them"

I appreciated Tony's sharing of his experiences of the hard times before the healing ever occurred. He writes with empathy for those who are hurting and for those who are the caretakers who are ALSO suffering. Seeing their loved one struggling with illness and the life changes it brings is hard to understand unless you've been there.
I am a caretaker of elderly parents who have had issues the Lord has healed them of. In addition, they are still dealing with some that are taking a bit longer. But the point I wanted to make is being the caretaker can be draining at times when you are wanting the person to be healed so badly. Many times you feel overwhelmed at trying to not only provide for the physical needs but the HEARTFELT ones as well. That is when you need a good dose of HOPE to help you push past the daily grind.

Tony understands what people who are hurting are going through and he shows that there is a REAL Jesus who REALLY cares AND heals. Tony can relate to those who are ill as well and to those who are supporting their loved ones. I was so encouraged to hear of his and his wife's experiences. They shared the journey of healing that allowed them to get to a place where the healing that was promised manifested. I believe this book will be a great comfort for so many.
Thank you, Tony and Deb (his wife) for sharing your personal struggles. It helped me to feel I am not alone in the caretaking role -others have been there and the Lord sustained them. The Bible says we comfort others with the same comfort we have received. I do believe this book is a testament to that!

Knocking Food

“Conquer your food addiction! I have honestly got to say that this is Tony’s best book yet! As I read it, I developed a deeper understanding of spiritual concepts related to food that I’d never really contemplated. Through this, I was able to peel the layers back to reveal the source of my life-long struggle with food and begin a healing process that I hadn’t expected. It is a spiritual solution to a physical problem. If you or a loved one struggle with food addiction or you simply want to have a deeper understanding of the Holy Spirit at work in your physical body, then this book is most definitely a must-read!”

~ Teresita Duque December 12, 2018

Divine Healing

“A must-read on Divine Healing. This is an excellent book on healing. It follows in the footsteps of "Unlocking The Mystery of Divine Healing". Tony is a sincere Christian whose heart is to get the message of healing to all those who are sick. His books are written so that anyone can understand them. He cuts through false teachings and gives the true simple message of what Christ did for us on the Cross. Anyone who needs healing or wants to minister healing to others should read all of Tony's books. I highly recommend them.” ~ Jamie Patton October 28, 2018

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