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It is yours; accept it and rest easy.

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Are you seeking healing for yourself? Is it you versus the illness in your body? Do you have a warfare mindset that says you must fight the sickness; you are in a battle that you must win? If this is your mindset, I’m going to ask you to change it. One sign of a warfaring mindset when it comes to disease and illness, is constantly rebuking symptoms and the devil. I have to ask, how is it working for you? If you’ve been fighting a disease for weeks, months or years, then honestly, rebuking isn’t working. Notice that last statement, if you’ve commanded the symptoms to go for any period of time, then it’s time to switch mindsets.

On the other hand, there is a time to rebuke or command the symptoms to go. I just want to be very clear; there is a time to reject symptoms and that time is when they first appear. For example, if you feel the symptoms of a cold, flu, or even covid coming at you, reject the symptoms, absolutely! “The fire of Holy Spirit is burning you up, you little smug bug.” The symptoms leave and you are golden! I do encourage you to do this. If you aren’t feeling up to snuff, then refuse to accept that symptom. For example, “The Holy Spirit is giving life to my body, so sore throat, I reject you. Not having it nope, Thank you Jesus.” You see the difference, right? What I’m calling the warfare mindset would be after the initial onset. You have continually come against something for a period of time and the mindset is you versus the disease or the devil. Time to change mindsets.

The warfare mentality is that you have to war against the devil to have your healing. Even the notion that the devil can make you sick, is part of that warfare mentality. There is much nonsense that goes along with the warfare mentality, such as: The devil is attacking you because you’re a Christian, so he has sent a disease to kill you. When you become a Christian, you’ve got a target on your back. If you’re not facing opposition, then you’re on the devil’s team. Often the saying is the devil doesn’t attack his own. That is utter nonsense. For that to be true, then no unbeliever would ever be sick. For any of that to be true, then only Christians would have cancer or any other disease. On one hand, we say that sin causes sickness, while at the same time saying you’re sick because you’re doing great works for God! Either way, then we’re in a losing situation, right?

Romans 5:12-13 describes why death is in the world; because of the transgression of one man, and it's not you. It also tells us the solution was applied two thousand years ago and the gift is greater than the transgression. Then what do we have to do? Accept the free gift, which is the Holy Spirit.

What has happened is there has been a stronghold of negative expectation built up. Not only that, but frustration has set in. Night after night you’ve gone to bed expecting to wake up feeling better, then in the morning the first thing you notice is that the pain is still there. This is what has caused many wrong teachings to be taught. The healing hasn’t happened, so there is something blocking the healing. In plain blunt language, we have just made something greater than Jesus and his righteousness. A demon hasn’t left, so the demon is greater than the Holy Spirit inside of us. That is exactly what we’re saying. That line of thought then leads to the legal rights doctrine. You were bought at a price and are not your own; you can’t give permission to something that doesn’t belong to you. What has happened is the warfare mindset has set in, and you are building up strongholds and erecting a blockade to your own healing. The fight mentality is just what it says; you have to fight to get healed. That is a far cry from believing that you have received healing.

Mark 11:23-24 “I tell you the truth, you can say to this mountain, ‘May you be lifted up and thrown into the sea,’ and it will happen. But you must really believe it will happen and have no doubt in your heart.”

If you are fighting to get healed, that is a sign of unbelief; you are not convinced that you have it. If you have to fight, then you are trying to take something by force, which would mean that there is resistance. The warfare or fight mentality then creates resistance to what has been given freely to us already. Do you have the Holy Spirit? Yes, you do! Then you have your healing.

The mindset to enter into therefore is one of God’s Rest. That is the greatest weapon in your arsenal. Entering into rest is an affirmation that everything that is needed is already given. If it’s already given, then there are no obstacles in the way. Nothing to carry or to search for. By his stripes you were healed, is the notification that everything you need has been given to you already. You may be asking, but what is the practical application of this knowledge. How do I flip the proverbial switch after years of fighting a symptom to having a healed mindset? Press the reset button, forget the past, forget yesterday. Have Holy Spirit amnesia, forget all the times you’ve “tried” prayer. Don’t even think about the length of time you’ve had the sickness. This is a new day!

Since you have the righteousness of God within you, there is nothing that can block the free gift of the Holy Spirit. He is now giving life to every part of your body. He is flowing freely through your body as rivers of living water, right this moment. Get up and move around, do it. Simply recognize any improvements and start celebrating.

Two days ago, a woman called me for prayer. The Holy Spirit gave me an image of a wicker chair. I asked her if she had a wicker chair. She said “Yes, out on the porch.” I said “Get up and go there now.” As she was heading that way, I simply stated, “The Holy Spirit is seated within you, you have your healing. Move around now, is your arm more comfortable and stronger?” She answered “Yes, thank you Jesus.” She went on to tell me that when I said the Holy Spirit was seated in her, she felt a tingling sensation of Holy Spirit. Thank you Jesus. The left side of her body is still doing great.

You don’t have to have me or anyone else give a command to do something, which in fact I already did a moment ago. How is your body now, is it better? You can do exactly what I did at any time for yourself. Just think about how the Holy Spirit is in you, so there are no obstacles, then just move without giving it any thought.

My favourite analogy is a light switch and a dark room. You walk into the dark room and flip the light switch on. Immediately the darkness leaves. No one stands there and asks the “what if questions”. What if the light doesn’t work? What if the bulb blows up? We hit the light switch expecting the light to come on. We know that light destroys darkness, the light is already in you. Flip that light switch by seeing the Holy Spirit being active inside of you now, this very moment. Therefore there has to be a change now.

Be blessed, be healed, be a blessing!

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