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The War is Over; we won!

Soldiers holding newspapers with the word PEACE written in big bold letters.

If you're fighting the "devil", are you really believing that you have received? Forget what religion says, are you in God's Kingdom or not? I have never received healing or anything else, by believing that the "devil" is powerful enough to take the blessings of my inheritance away from me. Who's been given all authority both in the heavens and on earth? His Name is Jesus, think about it!

All those teaching "spiritual warfare" and not being in God's Rest, have they been healed from Lou Gehrig's Disease, emphysema, broken bones, been shot, stabbed and still alive? I have; let alone the numerous other things I've been healed of (this is the short list). Who's report do you want to believe? The Lord's or human beings that believe they have to fight "the devil".

Jesus overcame the world so I don't have to! Sorry for the rant, but I'm sick and tired of everything else being portrayed as more powerful than Jesus's finished work! We're in God's Kingdom and who can then touch what is the Lord Jesus Christ's Property? If I'm the Temple of the Holy Spirit, who has the power to invade His Temple when I'm believing Truth?

Before you argue or reject what I'm saying, make sure you've got more than theology or an opinion. In the words of Paul,

But I will come soon, if it pleases the Lord, and I will find out not only what these arrogant ones are saying, but also if they have power to back up their words! 1 Corinthians 4:19, The Passion Translation

So in short back up your words. Not just telling me how powerful "the enemy" is, that won't cut it! END of RANT!

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